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Lost Property

As with all schools, we have a significant amount of lost property handed in to staff throughout the school year.

We ask that students do not bring items of value in to school (including large amounts of cash) as we will not be held responsible for the loss, damage or theft of such items.

All students have the opportunity to hire a locker for the duration of their time at school at a cost of £20.00, including a deposit of £5.00 which will be reimbursed when the student finishes Year 11.

If you lose an item of property
Please check with the Student Services in case the property has been handed in.

If you find an item of property
Please hand the item in to the Student Services where it will be held until somebody claims it.

If you lose your PE kit or any item of clothing
Please check thoroughly around the school as bags are often moved by mistake. PE kit and clothing that has been found is kept in Student Services - please check with them at break times. All named items get returned to students - initials on clothing is not sufficient.

Leaving school bags lying around!
Please do not leave any school bags lying around in the Quad, outside the canteen or anywhere else. If you do not want to carry your bag with you, please use your locker to store it.

Please empty all lockers and collect all possessions at the end of every half term and full term.
Unnamed coats and other belongings get taken to a charity shop at the end of each term. Unnamed PE kit and school clothing gets washed and sold as second-hand clothing at a cost of £2 per item.

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