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Extra Curricular - Storytelling

Storytelling Entertainment – Shakespeare, Greek myths and Beyond.

Before half term, around 150 students from Yrs 8 and 9 were entertained by professional storyteller, Daniel Morden.  This was the first time students had experienced such an event and they were understandably apprehensive about it – what would it be like? Would they just sit and listen to someone read a story for an hour? Would they be expected to join in or act?

Daniel MordenDaniel ran 4 sessions and performed a variety of stories, adapted on the spot to meet students’ requests.  One person wanted folktales, another a Greek myth, several asked for ‘something gruesome’ and the stories never failed to please – even the Headteacher was incorporated into a tale when he popped in and suddenly found himself a major player in a horror story!

Stories included a Welsh folktale about The Bucca, purported to be the inspiration for Shakespeare’s character Puck; Grimm fairytales- A Man Who Told Lies and The Boy Who Wanted to Learn to Shudder With Fear; A Scottish tale (very gory, much to students’ delight); Greek myths about Demeter, Zeus and the cause of the Trojan War – The Judgement of Paris and a tale from The Odyssey.

So, were students’ fears of boredom realised?  Far from It! “Awesome”, “Fantastic”, “Really good”, “I’ve never seen anything like that before” were frequent comments as they left each session. 

The value and power of the spoken word cannot be underestimated; seeing how stories can be ‘performed’ so imaginatively was an inspiration to the students and will, hopefully nurture a love of books. Daniel was very impressed with our students’ knowledge of Greek mythology and I would like to congratulate them on their enthusiasm, behaviour and engagement in the sessions.



Throughout National Storytelling Week, students enjoyed a range of storiesread by staff, including extracts from The Curious incident of the Dog in the Nightime, The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, a selection of Jamaican Folk Tales and The Great Gatsby.

On other days students played a variety of Storytelling games which were very popular and have become a regular lunch-time request.

The popularity of these lunchtime story sessions has lead to our monthly Bookbites event which take place on the first week of each month.



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