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Extra Curricular - Extended Learning Day

Extended Learning Day 3 - 10 July 2017

The Cavendish School had yet again another successful Extended Learning Day (ExLD: 3):

We had the Navy giving sessions to Yr.9 students on Navy Careers; Cathy Hogget from JSR recruitment hosted “inspiring the young into Engineering” to Yr.7 students. Our Yr.10 students had a session with National Citizenship Services (NCS), who motivated and inspired our students to do much more with their summers; joining “NCS Journey” develops confidence building and leaderships skills, living away from home in a university style environment, team building, meeting local business and adventure activities such as canoeing, abseiling and much more.

The British Army presented sessions on Army Careers to our Sixth Form students, while The Herts Young and Homeless organisation delivered talks to our Sixth form students, on “moving away from home, next steps and issues effecting young homeless people in the UK and where to get help!.

Atlas Copco visited our school and delivered sessions to our Yr.9 students on the “Blood Hounds Projects” and STEM Careers.
Phil Slade our governor, took part in a press conference and in rigorous but rather fun interviews conducted by our Yr.8 students in the “Newspaper Event activity”. Students were divided into groups and each member given a job role, ranging from News Editors to Reporters and Advertising Assistants. This event was hosted by YC Hertfordshire, rewards and certificates were awarded by our head, Mr. David Fisher, to the winning newspaper team.

The majority of our Yr.8 students were given the opportunity to take part in a work shadowing event with their parents and carers. Students were really excited about this and most reported to have really enjoyed being in a work environment and would like to do it again.


Our Teachers and Support staff had the challenge of delivering the PSHE/Citizenships curriculum, where more hard hitting topics were covered in great detail, such as “Radicalisation and Extremism”, “People Trafficking”, Gambling, “Young Carers”, Modern Slavery and much more.

The whole day demonstrated great team work for the whole school!! More photos and student feedback can be viewed in Cavendish Contact - issue 165. pdf document

Army presentation

The British Army


Royal Navy

Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco, 'Blood Hound Project


Herts Young and Homeless

NCS Journey

National Citizenship Services

I think that it was a good day, my favourite part was learning about the Navy. It made me think about wanting to join the Navy when I am 16yrs Old.
By Charlie Austin Yr.9

Newspaper interviews

Newspaper interviews Newspaper interviews

“The HYH (Herts Young Homeless) session was a very useful experience, it made me realise how much moving out of home would cost and how much planning I need to do before actually leaving home. I really enjoyed the Army talk and I have always had an interest in the British Forces. I was very interested in what Professor Lee Hubbard and Colonel Chris Wright talked about with regards to running Army related engineering courses at Cavendish in the future
By Angelika Bargiel Yr.12

  Newspaper Event and Interviews  

“The Extended Learning day was very exciting and an eye opening experience! I learnt a lot, the National Citizenships Service (NCS) presentation was really good. The session on “Body piercing and cosmetic procedures” was interesting and a bit disgusting at times!”
By Raheem Khan Yr.10

Connexions Connexions YCH

“I have learnt a lot about businesses and how they work. I did my work placement at Bedknobs, I made up a bed all on my own on the shop floor, I learnt how to contact businesses to order products. This experience taught me how to deal with customers, selling products and being a manager to a company”.
By Kyle Welfare Yr.8.


"Monday was very fun, learning about what Engineering and what it’s all about, was a really eye opening experience. I loved it, I hope we do more things like this."
Thesiya Parthan Yr.7

Young engineers Young engineers Young engineers

“I really enjoyed making the Spaghetti and Marshmallow towers in the “inspiring the young into Engineering” session, because we were working as a team”
Rebecca Mead Yr.

Young Engineers





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