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Roald Dahl Day

What exactly were the disgusting remnants of food in Mr Twits’ disgusting beard?  That was the question faced by Science students at our annual literary festival, this year celebrating the life and work of Roald Dahl.  With normal lessons suspended, students researched his life or participated in lessons with a ‘Roald Dahl twist’



The science department chose The Twits as their theme; students carried out food testing experiments to identify the components of samples taken from mock beards.  Maths took a Matilda theme, calculating the profits that Matilda’s dad could make on his dodgy car sales and ratios required to bake Bruce Bogtrotter’s enormous cake.  In English, students explored the techniques Dahl used to create a chilling atmosphere in his short story ‘The Landlady’ while in Humanities, students practised atlas skills by reflecting on the early life of Roald Dahl, identifying and mapping his extensive travels.


What's in Mr Twit's beard?

maths taskmaths

Maths project - 'Bruce Loves Cake'.

Mapping Roald Dahl's travels.

Teamwork was key in Design and Technology where, throughout the day, students combined efforts to create a huge collage of a Gloster Gladiator, the plane flown by Roald Dahl during the war. Meanwhile food students baked ‘Fat frogs’, themed biscuits and created table centrepieces that paid homage to The Enormous Crocodile, and were donated to the following day’s tea party. Students used scraps of fabric/decoration to create sweet wrappers later used to decorate a giant Umpa Lumpa where they could put their hands and faces to be photographed.  George’s Marvellous Medicine inspired the activities in Art where techniques like batik, marbling and monoprinting were used to create metres of bunting to decorate the hall.

edible crocodile

Edible 'Enormous Crocodile'

Food tech

Making 'fat frogs'

Plane collage
Gloster Gladiator Collage

Umpa Lumpa

Umpa Lumpa made from textile sweet wrappers




Bunting made using art techniques

chocolate room

The Chocolate Room with giant sweets

giant peaches

James' Giant Peach


Those students who were expecting a PE lesson were surprised to find themselves playing Welly Throwing, as practised in villages when Dahl was young, or taking on the challenge of an obstacle course, while trying to carry a giant sweet with a partner!



The following day, around 50 local senior citizens joined us for Willy Wonka's Tea Party where they were entertained by performances of music and drama, products of the previous day. They were welcomed by the BFG and served by Charlie, Willy Wonka and a variety of other characters from Roald Dahl books.


drama 1 drama2 drama4
decorations Tea party giraffe, pelly
woodwind group musics 2 music3 music solo






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