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Celebrating 150 years of Alice in Wonderland

At Cavendish we are eager to encourage a love of books among our students and celebrate literature. 2015 marked the 150th anniversary of the publication of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland.


Following a 'Big Read' throughout June when all students in years 7 to 10 read the book in tutor time, we dedicated a whole day to celebrating the continued popularity of a book enjoyed by generation after generation. To that end, all lessons were based on the story, the canteen produced a themed lunch, our Sports Leaders ran an 'Alice Sports Afternoon' for some local Year 4 students, and tutor groups finished the day with Mad Hatter's Tea Parties planned and organised by the students themselves. Finally we invited local senior citizens to an afternoon of entertainment in the hall which had been transformed into 'Wonderland'. Students,guests and staff had a fabulous time with comments like "it was the 'best day at school/work I've ever had". Read more about the two community events.

English Maths Science

Students explored the language of 'The Jabberwocky' and created illustrated dictionary entries for the 'nonsense' words.

Activities based on the book included work on symmetry (drawing the Cheshire Cat), logic puzzles based around the problems of seating the characters at the Tea Party and placing queens on a chessboard In Science, students were given a 'magic shrinking potion' and carried out experiments to determine what was in it.

What students said:


"It's been awesome so far",
Tom Ward, Year 10.


"I really liked the experiments. It's been fascinating",
Courtney Stanbridge, Year 10.


"It made a nice change and was more fun than my everyday lessons",
Kyra Richardson, Year 9.

maths lesson science lesson
MFL Textiles Food Technology
French students translated clues to locations where they then found anagrams linked to the book. Others used vocabulary to describe characters of the book in French or German. Red rose corsages were created in textiles lessons and presented to our senior citizens who wore them with pride during their tea party. Students beavered away all morning making jam tarts for our visitors.

"It's been really fun, but we were still learning something",
Samixha Karki, Year 8.


"French was my favourite lesson, the languages teachers put in a lot of effort",
Jamie Wylie, Year 7

making fabric roses making jam tarts
Computing Humanities Art
Videos promoting the 150th anniversary and using the original designs from the book were created in computing lesson. Alice falling down through the centre of the earth was the inspiration for tectonics exploration and creative writing in Humanities lessons. Having spent a term making giant teapots, cups and hats for our 'Wonderland' party, students created masks of the different characters.

"It's nice to be doing our lessons in a different way",
Chloe Baldwin, Year 7.


"It's been exciting to do something new",
Callum Blackshaw, Year 8.

humanities lesson masks


PE Graphics



In PE lessons students played a modified form of croquet using footballs in tribute to the Queen's croquet match from the story.

football croquet







Students in graphis studied the technicalities of the shapes used on playing cards.







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