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Modern Foreign Languages

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As a faculty we are committed to encouraging and developing an enthusiasm for, and an interest in learning a modern language, be that French or German.  We foster an awareness of other cultures and an appreciation of how they can enrich our lives, and we raise awareness of the importance of other languages in the world today.

We aim to develop the potential of all students by setting appropriate targets. We give students the opportunity to acquire qualifications, knowledge and skills which enable them to progress through higher education and the world of work.

Our vision for students in MFL are:

Enjoyment of lessons
Engagement in their learning
Confidence to tackle work
Resilience to overcoming challenges

Years 7 - 9
Focus Curriculum Outside lessons
  • Ensuring solid foundations;
  • Making sense of basic grammar;
  • Developing a variety of vocabulary;
  • Enjoying and exploring the language.
  • 2 lessons a week;
  • Topic-based curriculum with 5 topics covered per year;
  • Grammatical understanding consistently developed.
  • 'Take Away' homework;
  • White work books;
  • Vocabulary learning;
  • Open door policy within the department to support outside the classroom;
  • Language club once a week, continental breakfast provided;
  • Year 7 Rhineland residential trip;
  • Year 8 Boulogne day trip;
  • Year 9 Aachen Christmas Market trip;
  • Year 9 Normandy residential trip.
Years 10 and 11
Focus Curriculum Outside lessons
  • Develop and extend grammatical understanding;
  • Maximise each student's potential;
  • Secure the best GCSE grade possible;
  • Open doors to their future.
  • 5 lessons per fortnight;
  • 2 year syllabus which covers a variety of topics and consolidates KS3 work;
  • Current Year 11 are working towards the old GCSE (A* to G).
  • Homework that consolidates, extends and provides exam practise;
  • Intervention at lunchtime and after school;
  • Year 10 Aachen Christmas Market trip;
  • Year 10 Normandy residential trip.
Maps of the Year
Year 7 - 9 Year 10 Year 11

pdf documentFrench

pdf documentGerman


pdf documentFrench/German

pdf documentFrench

pdf documentGerman

Useful Vocabulary pdf document(all vocabulary sheets are pdf documents)

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