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Our vision is that students in Maths are:

Why Pac-Maths?
  • Enjoying their lessons
  • Engaged in learning Maths
  • Confident to tackle work
  • Resilient to overcome challenges
  • Making real progress in their understanding every lesson
  • Real world application of Maths
  • It engages our students & appeals to them (both male & female)
  • It is a bit of fun, which we believe is important in Maths!

We have a strong and supportive Maths team that is committed to student learning. We focus on teaching Maths in a way which engages students, using tailored resources to strengthen their understanding and encourage them to ask questions that drive their learning forward.

Curriculum Leader: Mrs Z Coomber

Maths Faculty

Key Stage 3: Years 7 and 8

Focus Curriculum Outside Lessons
  • Ensuring solid foundations
  • Making sense of Maths
  • Gaining a depth of understanding
  • Enjoying and exploring maths
  • 3 lessons a week
  • Four staged scheme of work to cater for different entry points and ensure progression is maximised
  • ‘Take Away’ homework
  • Individual and Team Junior Maths Challenge club
  • Homework support sessions once a week
  • Board games club
pdf document KS3 Map of Year 2015-16   Assistant Curriculum Leader for KS3: Miss L Chapman


Key Stage 4: Years 9, 10 and 11

Focus Curriculum Outside Lessons
  • Ensure real understanding
  • Maximise each student's potential
  • Secure the best GCSE grade possible
  • Open doors to their futures
  • 4 lessons a week (3 in Year 9)
  • New GCSE (9 to 11) syllabus is completed over three years
  • Three staged schemes of work that develop students to gain confidence and push them to exceed expectations
  • Current Year 11s are working towards the old GCSE (A* to G) on a tailored SoW for each class
  • Homework that consolidates, extends and provides exam practise
  • Intervention at form time and after school
  • Tenner Challenge
  • Trips to Bletchley Park and Thorpe Park (mechanics of rides)
pdf documentKS4 Map of Year 2015-16 - Year 9 pdf documentKS4 Map of Year 2015-16 - Year 10 pdf documentMapping new GCSE to old grades
    Assistant Curriculum Leader for KS4: Mr I White


Key Stage 5: Years 12 and 13

Focus Curriculum Outside Lessons
  • Extend Mathematical thinking and problem solving
  • Develop students into independent and well organised learners
  • Maximise their exam grades
  • AS Level in Year 12: Core 1, Core 2 and Statistics 1
  • A Level Maths in Year 13: Core 3, Core 4 and Mechanics 1
  • Further Maths currently offered through the Hemel Consortium
  • Homework that consolidates, extends and provides exam practise
  • Timetabled support lessons plus after school provision
  • Mentoring support
pdf documentKS5 C1 Outline 2015-16 pdf documentKS5 C2 Outline 2015-16 pdf documentKS5 C3 Outline 2015-16 pdf documentKS5 C4 Outline 2015-16
pdf documentKS5 M1 Outline 2015-16 pdf documentKS5 S1 Outline 2015-16 Assistant Curriculum Leader for KS5: Mr T Richardson


Executive Headteacher: Mr Gary Lewis
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