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Expressive Arts

Expressive ArtsThe Expressive Arts faculty consists of three main subjects – Art, Drama and Music.
All three subjects are taught at KS3 for two lessons per fortnight. Art, Drama and Music are taught at KS4. Art, Music and Theatre Studies are offered at KS5.
The faculty is led by John Pope.



Art is taught by Niamh Healy and Natalie Mayers in three fully equipped Art classrooms. Both teachers teach at KS3, KS4 and KS5. Anna Tuff is the Art technician, who has specific, important roles within the subject area and whole school display. She also teaches Art to two Y7 classes.



Drama is taught at KS3 by John Pope, Samantha Boyton and Lorna Freeman. John Pope and Samantha Boyton also teach Drama at KS4 and KS5.

Drama is housed in a block consisting of two main studios and a smaller studio, which is suitable for small group work. The larger studio is fully equipped with light and sound, which enables performance opportunities for students and invited audiences.


Music is taught by Nancy Ritou and is led by Kamala Droskie, Assistant Curriculum Leader. Music is housed in a specialist block consisting of two large teaching rooms and a number of practice rooms, plus a professional quality recording suite. Both teachers teach KS3, KS4 and KS5. Many of the KS4 and KS5 groups are team taught to ensure all students get the guidance they require to successfully complete their coursework.


Expressive Arts

Arts are particular modes of understanding that have discrete, and sometimes overlapping qualities. These qualities are not exclusive to the Arts but are the essence of the Arts and give the Arts their generic nature. This identifies the particular contribution the Arts make to learning and understanding, and to a ‘broad and balanced’ curriculum. This generic mode of understanding is based on the feelings in response to the use and application of the aural, enactive, kinaesthetic verbal and visual modes of perceiving ourselves and the world in which we live (National Curriculum Council).

All the work in the faculty involves the acquisition of particular skills through practical creative work, the learning of the stages of the creative process and evaluation of the outcome of both self and others.

In moving away from the general constraints of the ‘normal’ classroom, often in groups in an energetic and sensitive way, students can develop remarkably mature responses. Through their engagement in Expressive Arts subjects students are encouraged to become more self-confident, fluent and creative. They are able to express their thoughts, feelings, emotions and desires through the channels we provide for them. For students of all abilities this can be liberating and exciting.

We aim to promote social, moral, spiritual and cultural awareness and to enable students to see the world from different perspectives. We hope that through the teaching of Arts students will develop a life-long understanding and interest in Art, Drama and Music.


Course outlines for all year groups, along with feedback and marking policies can be viewed as pdf documents below:
pdf documentCourse outlines - Art pdf documentFeedback and marking policy - Art
pdf documentCourse outlines- Music pdf documentFeedback and marking policy - Music
pdf documentCourse outlines - Drama pdf documentFeedback and marking policy - Drama


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