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Staff (September 2016)

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English Enterprise Expressive Arts
Curriculum Leader: Mrs S Carr Curriculum Leader: TBA Curriculum Leader: Mr J Pope (Drama)
Assistant CL:

Assistant CL:

Ms C Boxer

Assistant CL: Mrs K Droskie (Music)


Ms M Codrean

Ms L Freeman
Mrs J Grieves (maternity leave)
Ms N Murphy

Ms E Webber
Ms C White



Miss L Cooper

Mr K Ali
Ms N Smith
Mrs T Turton


Ms J Davis (Music - maternity leave)

Ms N Ritou (Music - maternity cover)
Mrs S Boyton (Drama)
Ms N Healy (Art)
Miss N Mayers (Art)

Art Technician: Miss A Tuff
Humanities Maths MFL
Curriculum Leader: Miss K Fricker
Curriculum Leader: TBA Curriculum Leader: Ms V Brown
Assistant CL: Miss T Forinton (RE)
Mrs E Griffin (History)
Assistant CL: Mr T Richardson

Mrs D Archer

Ms M Codrean

Mrs N McCarthy


Ms F Bridgman
Mrs C Davies
Mr D Ede
Mr D Fisher

Mr P Goodchild

Mr R Mackay

Ms A Stone
Mr J Ward


Ms S Beeton

Mr B Dimos

Mr J Green

Mrs A Jones
Ms D Shannon

Mr I White

MFL Assistant: Miss K Porter
PE Science Technology
Curriculum Leader: Miss T Crosland Curriculum Leader: Mr R Hague Curriculum Leader: Mrs O Morley
Assistant CL:   Assistant CL: Mrs L Ingold
Mr P Bates
Mr S Creedon


Ms C Barry

Miss C Bradley
Mr R Patel
Miss D Tebutt
Mrs J Woodward


Mr D Allen
Mr S Carter
Mr B Dumpleton
Mr D Ede

Miss R Harris
Miss C Sutton (maternity leave)
Mr M Tizard
Mr R Woodard


Mr N Ball
Miss E Dilley
Mrs M Kelly
Miss S Knoetze

Ms F Shah
Miss L Surridge

Technology Technicians: Mrs S Pagano
Mr D Turner
Science Technicians:

Mrs E Dobbin
Mrs K Richardson

Ms S Dukes

Sports Technician: Mrs S Town
Learning Support Department

Senior LSA:


Learning Hub Manager:

Mr S Carter

Miss E Allaway


Mrs M Cameron-Wilton

Learning Support Assistants:

Miss N Barnes - (Transition & KS3)

Mr J Bennett

Mrs L Bennett
Mrs M Cameron-Wilton

Mrs S Davies

Mrs V Dawson

Mrs A Elson

Ms S Hawtin
Mrs J Hill
Mr N Hill (English Tutor)

Mrs T Page

Ms A Pike

Mrs J Pike (SEN Exams)

Mrs A Tai (VI & HI)

Mrs D Tuohy

Cover Supervisors Student Support Sixth Form Admin


Mrs K Byrne

Miss C Harper

Mr T Wyldes

Student Services Officer:


Student Welfare Officers
Years 7, 10 and 11:

Years 8, 9 and 11:

Mrs T Malan



Ms E Low

Mrs L Tomlinson

Learning Mentors:


Mrs R Bull
Mrs J Cattermole



Internal Exclusion Manager: Ms T Baldwin



Careers & PSHE Coordinator: Mrs P Shaw
Admin Office Finance

School Manager:


Data Manager:

Mr M Matthews

Finance and Lettings:

Mrs J Eccles

Office Manager: Mrs S Markley Attendance Officer: Miss J Roome Finance Assistant:

Mrs B Hey

Head's PA: Mrs H Hardy Student Filing: Mrs W Woodham    

Mrs B Bloomfield
Mrs F Lawrence

Exams Officer: Mrs K Maddison  


Caretakers IT Support Learning Resources

Senior Caretaker:


Caretaker Assistant:

Mr M Page


Mr C Savage
Mr D Cordara

Network Manager:


Mr S Leaver


Mr V Dancer

Learning Resources Manager/Librarian:


Mrs T Turton

Learning Resources Assistants:

Mrs J Leonard
Ms E Mizon

External Support

Dacorum Schools Sports Network:

Ms C McCawley (maternity leave)
Mr Nigel Merrett (maternity cover)

Gade Schools

Family Support Workers:

Mrs J Hardy

Mrs J Heaslip


School Counsellor:

Ms P Hampton


DSSN Administrator: Miss L Bentley Family Support Administrators: Mrs E Christie
The Cavendish School
Executive Headteacher: Mr Gary Lewis
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