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Staff (January 2018)

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English and MFL

Director of Learning: Mrs Sophie Carr
Assistant Director of Learning: Mrs J Grieves
Second in English:

Miss D Angel

Head of MFL: Mrs D Archer

English Teachers:

Miss E Allaway

MFL Teachers:

Miss E Ayling-O'Sullivan

Mrs J Grieves Miss M Codrean
Mr N Hill (PPG tutor)  
Ms N Murphy  
Miss M Roberts  

Miss C White



Maths and Computer Science

Director of Learning: Mr T Richardson

Director of Operations: Prof L Hubbard

Maths Teachers:

Mr D Allen

Head of Computer Science:

Mrs C Boxer

  Miss S Beeton Computer Science Teacher: Mr K Ali
  Mrs S Davies   Mr A Ashley
  Mr J Green    

Mr B McDonald

  Miss J Noquet    
  Mrs D Shannon    
  Mrs T Turton    

Science and Technology

Director of Learning: Mrs O Morley
Head of Technology, Food and Nutrition Mr R Patel

Head of Science:

Miss L Surridge

Technology, Food and Nutrition Teachers: Miss C Bradley Head of Science KS3 Miss E Dilley
  Mr J Daley Head of Science KS4: Mr P Bates
    Head of Science KS5: Mrs L Ingold



Science Teachers:

Mrs M Kelly

  Miss S Knoetze
      Ms E Hjiantoniou
Technology Technicians Mrs S Pagano   Mr A Wallis
  Mr D Turner   Mr C Wright
    Science Technicians Mrs E Dobbin
      Ms S Dukes

Humanities and Business Studies

Director of Learning: Miss K Fricker

Head of RS:

Miss T Forinton

Head of Business: Mrs L Cooper
Head of History Miss C Hardingham Business Teachers: Mr K Ali
Head of Geography Mr A Easthorpe   Mr A Ashley
Humanities Teachers:

Ms R Ackroyd



  Mrs F Bridgman
  Mr D Fisher
  Miss R Honeyford
  Miss S Howley
  Ms L Saggese
  Miss A Stone
  Miss J Wood


Creative and Physical Arts

Director of Learning: Miss T Crosland

Head of PE:

Mr D Allen

Head of Drama and Art:

Head of Music:

Mr R Flower

Mrs K Droskie

PE Teachers:

Mr S Carter

Art Teachers:

Miss N Healy

  Mr D Ede   Miss N Mayers
  Miss R Harris    
  Miss C Sutton Drama Teachers: Miss R Maisey
  Mr M Tizard    
  Mr T Wyldes Music Teachers: Mrs J Davis
PE Technician: Mrs S Town Art Technician: Miss A Tuff

Learning Support

Student Support

SENCO: Mr S Carter

Learning Welfare Officers


SPLD Teacher:

Mrs J HIll

Yr7: Miss J GIlling
Senior Learning Support Assistant: Miss N Barnes Yr8: Mrs T Baldwin

Learning Support Assistants:


Mr J Bennett

Yr9: Ms M Cameron-Wilton
Mrs S Davies Yr10: Miss J Roome
Mrs V Dawson Yr11: Mrs L Tomlinson
Mrs A Elson KS5 Mrs R Bull
Mrs S Hawtin (EAL)   Mrs J Cattermole
Mrs T Page    

Mrs J Pike (SEN Exams)

Matron/Student Services Mrs T Malan

Mrs A Tai (VI & HI)

Oasis Centre Manager: Mrs K Byrne
Mrs D Tuohy CEAIG Officer: Miss M Ssebowa

Administrative Staff

PA to Headteacher: Mrs H Hardy

PA to Pastoral/SEN:

Mrs B Bloomfield

Data Manager: Mrs L Hunter-Singh Receptionist: Mrs J Merriman

Exams Officer

Mrs K Maddison

Admin Assistant: Ms L King
Office Administrator: Ms L Dunbar-Chilvers Student Filing: Mrs W Woodham

Learning Resources


Learning Resources Manager/Librarian: Mrs T Turton Finance Officer: Mr T Horton

Learning Resources Assistant:

Ms E Mizon

Finance Assistant:

Mrs B Hey

IT Support


Network Manager:

Mr V Dancer

Premises Manager:

Mr M Page

Premises Assistant:

Mr D Cordara

Mr C Savage

Dacorum Schools Sports Network

External Support

DSSN Coordinator:

Mrs C McCawley

ISN Officer:

Mrs J Heaslip

DSSN Administrator: Miss R Hey School Counsellor: Ms P Hampton
Executive Headteacher: Mr Gary Lewis
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